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Minor in Possession (MIP) Defense

Minor in Possession Lawyer in Columbia, MO

The Minor in Possession Attorneys of The Law Firm of Haden & Colbert defend clients who have been charged with Missouri’s Minor in Possession (MIP) or Possession by Consumption law in Columbia, MO and surrounding areas.

Our attorney’s represent clients in all counties across Mid-Missouri. Whether you were charged in Columbia, MO, inside Boone County, or outside of Boone County, contact our MIP defense lawyers today for expert legal counsel.

Missouri’s Minor in Possession law became effective in 2005. The definition of “possession” in Missouri includes “possession by consumption” and being “visibly intoxicated” while being under the age of 21.

Our Minor in Possession defense attorneys are experienced in MIP and DUI/DWI defense and have successfully defended many clients across the state of Missouri.

Minor in Possession: Missouri Criminal Punishment

It is considered a misdemeanor under Missouri law for anyone under the age of twenty-one to purchase, attempt to purchase, have in his or her possession any intoxicating liquor, or to be visibly in an intoxicated position. Merely appearing visibly intoxicated or having a detectable B.A.C. will constitute as a violation, even if there is no evidence of actual possession.

MIP charges are taken very seriously in the court of law in Missouri and can result in suspension of your drivers license for 30 days for the 1st offense, 90 days for the second offense, and revoked for a year for the 3rd or any subsequent MIP conviction. Violators of the Missouri MIP law can also be punished by a fine up to $1,000 or imprisonment in the County Jail for one year. Not to mention the fact that a MIP arrest can end up on your record if not expunged, affecting your ability to find work, receive scholarships and can cause many other negative repercussions.

An experienced MIP attorney, like those at The Law Firm of Haden & Colbert in Columbia, MO, can often minimize or avoid these punishments altogether. Every MIP client that we represent, we use our experience and knowledge of MIP laws, to build the best defense case possible. We know how to effectively present evidence and use our knowledge of the law to reduce the negative consequences that typically come with any MIP charge and give you the chance to come out of this ordeal with no criminal record.

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