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Drug Defense

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Drug Defense Attorneys in Columbia, MO

From Felony Drug Charges to simple Misdemeanor Drug Charges, the defense attorneys of Haden & Colbert have experience handling a wide variety of drug related charges in Columbia, MO and throughout Mid-Missouri.

Our lawyers have significant experience in the following types of drug related charges:

  • Possession or Distribution of a Controlled Substance

  • Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana

  • Federal Drug Distribution

Our centrally located Columbia Missouri office gives our attorneys the ability serve and defend clients in Columbia and Mid-Missouri, as well as across the entire state of Missouri, from Kansas City to St Louis.

Our attorneys will use their specific knowledge and expertise of the laws pertaining to drug charges, to aggressively combat any charges filed against you.

When defending any drug charges, it is important that your attorney is extremely knowledgeable and current on any and all drug related laws. This will help you build a defense case that will give you the best opportunity to receive the minimal amount of penalties.

What to expect from our drug defense attorneys:

  • Honest, Affordable Representation

  • Education on Legal Rules involved in your case

  • Transparency throughout the case

  • 100% Commitment the entire way

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